Soaring Timbers

Canada's Wonderland, formerly known as Paramount Canada's Wonderland, is a 134-hectare (330-acre) amusement park located in Vaughan, Ontario, a municipality within the Greater Toronto Area. Opened in 1981 by the Taft Broadcasting Company and the Great-West Life Assurance Company, it was the first major theme park in Canada and remains the country's largest. Cedar Fair purchased the park from Paramount Parks in 2006, and they have owned and operated the park since then. In 2019, it was the most-visited seasonal amusement park in North America with an estimated 3.9 million guests. The park still retains this record, with an estimated 3.8 million guests in 2022 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Canada's Wonderland normally operates from late April or early May to Labour Day, and then on weekends until October 31st at 11:59 pm. Special events are held throughout the season, including Halloween Haunt and various festivals such as Celebration Canada, a month-long Canada Day festival. Beginning in 2019, the park also hosts WinterFest, a holiday-themed event that extends the park's operating season to late December or early January. With eighteen roller coasters, Canada's Wonderland has the second most of any theme park, behind future sister park Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, which has twenty, given the merger between Cedar Fair and Six Flags to take into effect during the first half of 2024. Eight hectares (20 acres) of the park houses a water park named Splash Works. Since the closure of Crystal Beach Park in Fort Erie in 1989, Canada's Wonderland is the only amusement park in Ontario with wooden roller coasters in operation.