Swan Lake

Canada's Wonderland is a 330-acre (130 ha) theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, a suburb directly north of Toronto. When Canada's Wonderland first opened in 1981, there were 26 attractions. Today, there are 69, including the attractions inside Splash Works, a water park adjacent to the main theme park. Since the opening of the amusement park, at least one attraction has been added every year except 2009 and 2013. Also, SkyRider closed permanently in 2014; the only roller coaster to close in the park's history. Canada's Wonderland's newest attractions are SkyHawk, a Sky Roller by Gerstlauer Rides, and Flying Eagles from Larson International. Both attractions opened in 2016. Up until 1992, Canada's Wonderland did not have a water park. Eleven years after the park opened, Splash Works was constructed in the area surrounding the Mighty Canadian Minebuster. Original plans and park maps during construction of the park show that the area that is now Splash Works and White Water Canyon was supposed to be a themed area called "Frontier Canada", a section of the park devoted to the Canadian wilderness. Although this section was never built, several of the elements that were to be included are now scattered across the park. For safety, Canada's Wonderland uses a ride rating system that classifies the attractions based on the intensity of the ride. The ratings vary from 1, for rides that are calm and gentle, to 5, for rides that have high speeds, aggressive forces, and rapid elevation changes. A separate set of ride ratings criteria is used for attractions inside Splash Works, though the rides are still rated on a scale from 1 to 5.