Vortex is a suspended roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario. It officially opened during the 1991 season.As with other suspended roller coasters, Vortex's trains swing under the track. On Vortex, riders are taken up through the top of the mountain and dropped at high speeds. At some points in the ride, the trains swing just above a river running through the middle of the park, giving riders the illusion that the train will touch the water. It is the fastest roller coaster of its kind in the world, together with Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain, both with top speeds of 89 kilometres per hour (55 mph). It is also the tallest currently operating suspended coaster in the world, reaching a height of 27.8 metres (91 ft). It is considered to be a terrain coaster due to the influences of the ride track by the mountain and the river.