WindSeeker is a 301-foot-tall (92 m) swing ride at several Cedar Fair parks. The rides are Wind Seeker models manufactured by Mondial. They opened for the 2011 season at Canada's Wonderland in Ontario, Cedar Point and Kings Island in Ohio, and Knott's Berry Farm in California. Carowinds in North Carolina and Kings Dominion in Virginia opened their WindSeekers in 2012. The first four each cost US$5 million, while the remaining two each cost $6.5 million. Cedar Fair relocated the Knott's Berry Farm WindSeeker to Worlds of Fun in 2014, where it reopened as SteelHawk.The three-minute ride features 32 suspended twin seats – 64 seats total – spinning around a central tower. A lighting package was installed on all four WindSeekers, consisting of LED light strips mounted on the arms that support the swings and, with the exception of SteelHawk,) colored floodlights to illuminate towers from above. WindSeeker at Canada's Wonderland was the first of the four parks to open on May 24, 2011. Problems soon after the ride opened led to a closure for repairs; it reopened several weeks later. The second WindSeeker opened to the public at Cedar Point on June 14, 2011, followed by the third at Kings Island on June 21, 2011, and the fourth at Knott's Berry Farm in August 2011. The following season, the fifth WindSeeker opened at Carowinds' on March 31, 2012, along with the sixth at Kings Dominion on April 6, 2012.On September 21, 2012, Cedar Fair announced the temporary closure of all WindSeekers in response to two incidents at Knott's Berry Farm. All the installations, excluding Knott's Berry Farm, later reopened. The Knott's Berry Farm installation remained closed and was eventually relocated to Worlds of Fun.