Blazing Fury

Blazing Fury is a steel enclosed roller coaster at the Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA. It was built in-house by Silver Dollar City Tennessee in 1978, prior to the park becoming Dollywood. It was based upon Fire in the Hole, a similar indoor roller coaster at the original Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. The coaster is themed around the story of an old mountain town set on fire by a group of Russian bandits. Riders pass scenes of the residents trying to extinguish the flames; one is a hotel with a lady on the top deck about to jump off, before crossing a collapsing bridge, nearly getting run-over by a steam train, and wrecking into a dynamite storage shack. In the finale, the trains are sent hurtling over an eighteen-foot-high drop into a pool of water. This is used to brake the train. It was discovered that it could still do so without being full, and this allowed the park to keep the coaster open during the winter. During the 2010 off-season, magnetic brakes were installed, removing the finale splashdown. Over the years, many of the coaster's props and theme elements have been removed, somewhat obscuring the storyline.