Hurakan Condor

Hurakan Condor is a 'giant drop' ride located in PortAventura Park, in the resort PortAventura World, Catalonia, Spain. It was manufactured by Intamin, consists of 6 cars around a central tube which is around 377 feet (115 m) tall. Riders are four abreast and are brought to a height of 285 feet (87 m) by a coupler. The car slowly tilts forward as it climbs the last few feet. As the camera flash goes off, the coupler detaches, letting riders freefall at 71.46 miles per hour (115.00 km/h). The car then slowly drops back into the station. The ride and queues are intensively themed around a Mexican background, in order to fit in with the Mexico area of the park. Depending on which side of the tower the rider boards the ride experience differs greatly. Riders can either sit regularly, sit in tilting seats or ride standing, but without a floor.