Wild Arctic® Ride

Wild Arctic is a motion simulator and film themed attraction currently operating at SeaWorld Orlando. A clone of the attraction opened at SeaWorld San Diego until January 10th 2020 when the ride closed for good. The attraction is combined with an animal exhibit featuring beluga whales, walruses, and harbor seals. This attraction replaced Mission: Bermuda Triangle at both locations. Guests have the option to ride on a non motion gyrostabilized helicopter, completely bypassing the motion simulation. The same video that is played in the motion ride is played in the non motion theater, but watching is optional as guests can walk through the room at any time. The ride was manufactured by Reflectone. It uses the same motion technology as multi-million dollar commercial and military flight simulation training devices. In 2019, Seaworld announced on it’s Instagram page that the San Diego location would close on January 10, 2020.