Race Through NY Starring Jimmy Fallon

A Flying Theater is a themed entertainment technology and adjacent show style. It is a type of simulator ride which consists of one or several motion systems and a large screen. This type of attraction is also known as Panoramic Flying Theaters. The illusion of flight is created through motion that is synchronized with a film. Sound and special effects are combined with the film to create realistic flying experiences. There are 2 different forms: the suspended Flying Theater, in which rigging similar to a fly system lifts seats into the projection of a film to create the illusion of flight. The other version uses a motion system-based platform with a dome-projection or a large curved screen.Platform-based Flying Theaters allow 2 different forms of experience: either a traditional seated version and a version where guests are standing on the platform, leaning forward into body-supports to create a ‚fly-like-superman‘-feeling.